Conical Disc Spring Washer

Material :
Steel , Stainless Steel 304 (A2)

Finishing :
Steel comes in Zinc Mech Yellow and Grey

Drop us an email if you have other coating requirement

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Catalog Conical Disc Spring Washer (DIN6796)


Conical Disc Spring Washer (DIN6796)
Size M3 M4 M5 M6 M8 M10 M12 M16 M20
Diameter (ID) 3.2MM 4.3MM 5.3MM 6.4MM 8.4MM 10.5MM 13MM 17MM 21MM
Diameter (OD) 7MM 9MM 11MM 14MM 18MM 23MM 29MM 39MM 45MM
Thickness (S) 0.6MM 1.0MM 1.2MM 1.5MM 2.0MM 2.5MM 3.0MM 4.0MM 5.0MM
Thickness (H) (max.) 0.85MM 1.3MM 1.55MM 2.0MM 2.6MM 3.2MM 3.95MM 5.25MM 6.4MM